Do I have to be present for the first visit and/or for recurring visits?

You do not need to be home the day of your service clean/s. We are here to make things easier. But nevertheless, you are welcome to stay home during your clean.

If you do not plan to be home, simply at the time of booking your clean let us know how you’d prefer us to have access to your home. You can either:

1. Be home or have a friend or family member open the door for us
2. Leave a key hidden in safe place, we recommend the use of a lock box
3. Leave the backdoor open


Don’t forget:

a) Provide us a code for your garage (if you have one)
b) Provide us an access code to your gated building (if applicable)
c) If you have an alarm system: We ask that you please remember to turn it off for the time your house is being cleaned. This is not usually a problem when our clients are present.

Note: However, if you are not home and the alarm is triggered, we will not be responsible for any fees associated with the triggered alarm.