What We Don’t Do ?

.We do not clean human waste, pet waste, includes cat litter – if you want us to clean an area soiled by your pet, you must remove any waste before we arrive. We also do not clean vomit, or other biohazards, nor will we handle clothes, linens, rugs, or other fabric soiled by such hazards.
.We do not move heavy furniture or lift heavy items (over 20 lbs.)
.We do not use ladders other than the two step ladder/s we arrive with.
.We do not clean outside windows unless they can be easily accessed from the inside (the kind that flip around).
.We do not clean moldy areas; this requires a professional.
.We do not use toxic chemicals (we’re ok with using your own cleaning supplies, if you request at time of booking).
.We do not clean plasma TV’s, computer or equipment screens, to avoid any screen damage; we only dust on top of or around them.
.We love pets! But for the safety of our staff, we will not enter homes with barking/aggressive dogs unless they are properly restrained (includes all sizes of dogs).