Why does the first clean have to take longer? Why is it necessary?

Your very first cleaning visit (a Deep Clean) will get special attention; we will take care of every corner and crevice of your home. The first time tasks require extra time, detail and effort to make sure we get rid of old dirt, accumulated dirt, and new dirt. It’s not uncommon for us to take from two to four times longer on that initial clean and this is due to making sure we provide you our Better Cleaner Quality services. We take into consideration the size and condition of your home at the time of your FREE ESTIMATE, to provide you an accurate time and rate for that first cleaning visit (a Deep Clean).The second and following recurring scheduled maintenance visits thereafter will be estimated accordingly,this will be your “recurring Flat Rate”. A deep cleaning on the first visit is crucial if you are moving,preparing for the holidays or planning that special event. Hire Ritz Maidz to do the dirty work! There is no need for you to get messy.